Discretionary Portfolio Management

Gesfin Limited helps you to make your financial assets perform better. We use a personalised service to understand your exact requirements and offer a professional investment service that is adapted to your needs. We offer more than 200 clients peace of mind by taking over the management of their assets on a basis of professionalism, proven results and a personal relationship that is based on trust.

Our discretionary portfolio management advice is given on your own account with your bank of choice. Therefore the bank has custody of your assets. Gesfin Limited only manages your investments. We work with a wide range of international Private Banks. As our client you can choose, in consultation, the investment profile and currency that suit your requirements best in terms of risk and return.

In providing a diverse investment service, we are not bound by only our own financial analysts. Instead, we can use the research of our own company and of the banks and fund managers that we work with. This enables us to select your investments from a much larger universe and to be flexible to adapt your portfolio immediately to changing circumstances.

We make use of a range of financial instruments in the management of our clients’ accounts, including:

  • - Money market deposits
  • - International bonds
  • - International shares
  • - Foreign exchange
  • - Investment funds
  • - Precious metals
  • - Options
  • - Structured products